Uti Possidetis

Definition of uti possidetis

[Latin: as you possess] A principle usually applied in international law to the delineation of borders. When a colony gains independence, the colonial boundaries are accepted as the boundaries of the newly independent state. This practice, first adopted for the sake of expediency by the Spanish American colonies when they declared independence, has since been employed elsewhere in the world following the withdrawal of empire.

The principle of uti possidetis is also applied to the status of movable public property of belligerent states. Unless a peace treaty provides to the contrary, each party will retain such property as was in its possession on the day the hostilities ceased.

BALUCHISTAN- (Divide and also Principle of Pashtuns)

… by means of invasion, the particular Pakistanis deceptively used law associated with uti possidetis juris for their advantage and also continued occupation associated with areas…
An additional Undertake ‘The Malian Problems as observed from Algeria’

… associated with irredentism) and also to keep boundary changes inline using the African Partnership principle associated with uti possidetis. These types of concerns from portion of the first step toward Algeria’s assistance to the…
Just how Bolivia Lost The Head wear

… towards the territory had been historical, whilst its neighbor stated uti possidetis, depending on settlement of residents. The battle lasted till 1935…

… below), Argentina may claim sovereignty subsequent decolonisation ( uti possidetis ). The void of Britain’s fake sovereignty declare (the one dealt with in this post…

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… Find this web site: http://operationkosovo.kentlaw.edu/symposium/resources/hasani-fletcher.htm…

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… Following a doctrine associated with uti possidetis , Guatemala' ersus claims rest upon these privileges “inherited” from The country as well as Post 7 from the alleged Guatemalan Treaty associated with 1859, that (allegedly) stipulates which Guatemala known Belize only in return