Cestui Que Trust

Definition of cestui que trust

[Norman French, from cestui à que trust, he for whom is the trust] Formerly, a beneficiary under a trust.


… the Petition to force a Trustee in order to reconvey a authorized land towards the cestui de que trust (Severino versus Severino, forty-four Phil 343; Escobar versus Locsin, 74 PhiL 86) this particular remedy is actually…
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… the home with the named beneficiary (Salvacion, Aspren, Isabel). The actual relation associated with trustee and also cestui que rely on does not actually can be found, and also the holding of the constructive rely on is actually…
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… company or even ministry. Our children are not really registered in different ' Cestui que' rely on or ministry with any religious entire body. My kids are not authorized…
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… and also beneficiary could be the exact same person; named beneficiary is also known as cestui de que trust) Characteristics associated with rely on: (Tolentino) one This is a connection 2 . This…

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